Barriere al vento is a non-profit association and needs your help to continue to grow. Our association relies on the generous support from individuals, companies, community and whoever shares our aims and believes.

There are many ways for you to be part of our team and make a difference:


  • volunteer* for our initiatives and events. Volunteers are crucial for organising and carrying out our projects and events :
  • getting involved as participant
  • helping with the administration and management of the events
  • looking after the publicity and public relation
  • documenting our work ( photography and video)
  • rent our space and organise your workshop or party at Officine Martinucci, Galatina
  • choose to spend your sailing holiday with us
  • support us donating your time, materials, resources such as technical support for the performances and so forth.
  • donate: donation can help us develop more community dance projects and sailing events, and can support our ongoing activities with dance and sailing.
  • corporate sponsorship if you are a company interested in getting involved in our projects or events and gain local and international recognition

* Volunteering: anyone can become a volunteer, both for the community dance events and for sailing events, you do not need a special qualification but you need to have a passion about people and be a smiling person, committed and reliable.

As far as sailing and regattas are concerned, you can become a Sailing companion or land volunteer.

Sailing companion: you must know about water safety and to use a two-ways radio, be able to upkeep the equipment, to help people out on the water and must have excellent manners and communication skills with the ability of maintaining confidentiality.

Land volunteer: you will help with administration and organisation of events and regattas, support in board and disembark, have excellent manners and communication skills.

Tell us about your skills, join us and help us. We would love to hear from you!!!

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