Why Barriere Al Vento believes and choses

the art of dance , sailing and nature?


We believe that the art dance has got a powerful transformative effect both for people and the society, it enriches, informs, questions our perception of the world. Inspired and nourished by diversity, our dance has got the mission of fostering social, human, cultural and artistic values. Dance as an art form must be able to touch the soul and make people think and recognise the beauty, uniqueness and importance of every single individual within a group despite gender, physical ability, age and culture.

The Art of Dance must:

  •  be closer to people
  •  be about people
  •  facilitate self-expression
  •  be able to re-discover the essence of human nature
  •  Recognise the power of diversity both, as a source of inspiration and resource for personal, cultural and social growth
  •  Be accessible to every-body
  •  Be able to recognise, and nourish everyone’s creative mind
  •  Be able to bring people together to share experiences, joy and emotions
  •  Improve people’s life


We believe that sailing is not only a sport but the representation of freedom, joy and independence, accessible and inclusive for every-body. Recreational or competitive, sailing is one of the few sports that allows for people with disabilities to work together or compete against abled- bodies on a same level, it improves quality of life, and contributes to spiritual and physical fitness.

We see the sailing boat as a micro-cosmos, metaphor of a community where everyone:

  •  has got a role and every role is of crucial importance for the group
  •  must be able to work as a team aiming towards the same goal
  •  must learn to share a small common space and respect the others
  •  is responsible for the other
  •  must be able to take fast decision and develop problem-solving skill
  •  must be able to deal with emotions, fears and doubts


To ‘cultivate’ means to nurture the soil in order to create an environment that is conducive to vibrant growth. For barrier al vento organic horticulture means interacting, understanding and respecting nature, but not only, it also is a metaphor of life where the soil represents the community and seeds the individuals, who need to be supported and nourished by the others every day, with the same passion, respect and commitment. We involve differently abled people actively in the recreational and educational act of cultivating.

Our differently able friends share their bountiful crop with the community promoting social contacts, integration and recognition and by doing so they challenge the perception that people have of disability, whilst developing new skills and

  • Increase their personal responsibility, self- esteem, well-being, sense of achievement
  • establish a direct relationship with nature
  • play an important role in the physical world
  • learn to work in team